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  C. F. McDonald Electric, Inc.s first and foremost concern is for the safety and well-being of its employees and others who could be affected by their actions on the job site. We enforce that a tremendous amount of time is spent in educating and training our employees in safe work practices and that job sites are frequently inspected to ensure that all safety rules are followed and any questions or concerns are addressed. Safety meetings are required once a week on all job sites (large & small). They are read, documented, and signed by all employees at each job site. Also job site inspections, hot work permits and other safety related documentation are required from every foreman on every jobsite throughout the company. All of this documentation is filed in our office per OSHA standards.

McDonald Electric employs a full time Safety Director who oversees all safety issues and training of personnel. The Safety Director is in constant communication with the foremen on the job sites to assist them with any procedures and to verify that they have all necessary equipment to ensure the safety of everyone involved. All McDonald Electric personnel have the power to stop an unsafe job and the Safety Director, Ike Osborn, will immediately install new safety procedures. As the Safety Director he also has a budget available to purchase safety equipment as necessary. The Management at McDonald Electric, from the President down, has a commitment to run all jobs with safety in mind as the #1 priority.

  About McDonald Electric Safety Director Ike Osborn
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